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Latex-Free Gloves

We offer latex-free gloves made of vinyl, nitrile, and polymer materials.

All of our latex-free gloves can be purchased in small or large quantities.

If you are located in the Phoenix metro area, we typically deliver your order the next business day except Thursday and Friday. If you are not in our delivery area, we ship our gloves by UPS.

Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free?

Nitrile gloves are becoming more popular as awareness and concern about latex allergies rise? Are nitrile gloves totally latex free? Read more.

Latex Sensitivity

Latex exposure over an extended period of time, through wearing latex gloves or exposure to other latex-based products, can cause a hypersensitivity reaction or latex allergy, in humans.

Hypersensitivity occurs in the immune system and can manifest as allergies and trigger autoimmune reactions.  Latex can trigger Type I and Type IV hypersensitivity. Read more about latex sensitivity

Latex-Free Glove Comparison

Latex free exam gloves are being used more frequently than ever.  The challenge is finding a good latex free glove that performs similarly to a traditional latex glove.  The main features of a latex glove that have made them so popular throughout the years are their softness, strength, and elasticity, or stretchiness.  The most common latex free alternatives on the market are vinyl and nitrile gloves; their comfort, elasticity and strength are very different and are compared in the article that follows. Read more about latex-free glove comparison of nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Protective Medical Products offers a wide variety of latex free gloves and examination masks in large or small quantities. You can order from us online or you can call us.

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